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M. Kogalniceanu si C. Negruzzi - 200 de retete cercate de bucate, prajituri si alte trebi gospodaresti

Mihail Kogalniceanu si Costache Negruzzi : 200 de retete cercate de bucate, prajituri si alte trebi gospodaresti, lucrare aparuta initial in anul 1841 la Iasi. Exemplarul de fata aparut la Editura Dacia in anul 1973 in 20 000 + 80 exemplare brosate si 3800 + 60 legate, este ilustrat de Mircea Zaciu si prefatat de George Calinescu.

Cărţi rare(7)- "UBU REGE" de Alfred Jarry

Notă: In anul 197o la Casa Scânteii, Secţia "Legătorie de artă", din tirajul total de 5300 de exemplare al lucrării "Ubu Rege" de Alfred Jarry, s-au realizat 120 de exemplare legate in piele, incasetate, numerotate de la 001-120 cu semnătura Romulus Vulpescu. Note :   In 197o the "Scânteia Editing House", section " Binding of art ", the total circulation  of 5,300 copies of  " King Ubu " by Alfred Jarry , had also 120 leather-bound copies , boxed , numbered 001-120 with Romulus Vulpescu's signature . Editia bibliofila poate fi achizitionata de aici.

Books of Art(1)- Cyril Aldred "The Development of Ancient Egyptian Art"

Ancient Egyptian Art from 32oo to 1315 B.C. At first view, the word "development" with its modern overtones suggesting a n evolutionary progress, may be considered inappropriate when employed in an Egyptian context: for the Egyptian view of reality was essentially static.  The periodic inundation of the Nile created a predictable environment in which change was but a sequence of recurring dualities- of red desert and black alluvium, of drought and flood, of abundance and scarcity, sterility and fruitfulness. Egyptian culture reflects in its art and religion, its social structure and habits of thought, the same inevitable and unchanging rhythms.