Winter story

Weekend story: Winter and sparrows in my town. For me, a day without sparrows is like a morning without coffee.

Yesterday, a whole family was on the branches of a snowy tree on my street. Snowflakes were falling gentle from the sky and this amazing chorus was singing celebrating life and the joy on a new day here, on Earth. 

I filled my pocket with some wheat seeds and went there to reward their unconditional gift of being highly active members of the ecosystem. I was grateful for another lesson: "no matter who you are, no matter what you do in life" someone will always stand by you. 

A thought, a glance, a word can change the course of the history, it's up to us to choose, it takes a second to change everything or nothing.

Metaux rares et pierres precieuses

Metaux rares et pierres precieuses, Collection Sciences et Voyages, Paris,  Autor: G. Kerormel  An aparitie 1926, cuprins relevant pentru cu...