M. Kogalniceanu si C. Negruzzi - 200 de retete cercate de bucate, prajituri si alte trebi gospodaresti

Mihail Kogalniceanu si Costache Negruzzi : 200 de retete cercate de bucate, prajituri si alte trebi gospodaresti, lucrare aparuta initial in anul 1841 la Iasi. Exemplarul de fata aparut la Editura Dacia in anul 1973 in 20 000 + 80 exemplare brosate si 3800 + 60 legate, este ilustrat de Mircea Zaciu si prefatat de George Calinescu.

Coltea church Bucharest

Built during the 18th century this architecture masterpiece combines more architectural styles: byzantine, Brancoveanu style also known as the Wallachian Renaissance and Romanian Renaissance style and also Italian Renaissance elements.
After the 1838 earthquake the building was renovated by the architect Faiser and the entrepreneur C. Schwink. In 1871 the famous Romanian artist Gheorghe Tattarescu painted the interior.
Closed by the regime until 1989 the church of Coltea remains one of the most attractive  monuments of Bucharest. Placed near another monument, Coltea Hospital, the oldest hospital in the city, the architecture monument is a sample of long lasting resistance.
If Romania is on your list to visit someday, stop by and take a tour of the so called Little Paris, Bucharest, you won't regret it :)


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