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Indian miniatures by Aurora Art Publishers, Leningrad

Aurora Art Publishers, Leningrad "The Holi Festival", Mughal School 1734-1735. This miniature, the work of the famous painter Mir Kalan, is considered the best of his known works. "Discourse with a hermit" Mughal school, second quarter of the 17th Century.The subject of this miniature is associated with those sectarian movements, common in medieval India, which evolved in the 17th century, into reformatory religious movements. "Triumphal procession", Decani school, Mid 17th century.Triumphal procession have been a favorite subject in Golconda painting. "Shah Jahan's Darbar" Mughal school mid 17th century. The event depicted is the great darbar- one of the most colorful and majestic ceremonies of the Mughal Court. "Bathing pool", Mughal school, late 16th or early 17th century. The miniature presents a typical picture of life in the harem, a subject frequently treated by the painters of the court. "Merchants hoist Yusuf out …